The works behind Mannequin Mask

 When creating the book firstly, Mannequin Mask came as a recurring nightmare back in middle school.  After having the dream and on the brink of going insane (not seriously), but growing tired of waking up in a cold sweat and the urge to scream; I decided to write down the dream in the hopes that when on paper, it would leave my mind.  Once written, the story grew and grew over the years and soon became a novel.  The novel that I had created sat on a shelf of mine for years until I started going to college for film directing and producing.  While in a script writing course, I was short of ideas for the start of a project, so I came across my old novel and began writing it in script form.  From there, it was turned into a short film, and then this blog series.  During the time of filming; a plethora of opportunity presented itself to me and my peers as we set out on this journey. When creating the MASK! When creating the mask, I started with a sculpture of wet clay on a styrofoam h

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Mannequin Mask Chapter 1 Part 1 Beginning

Mannequin Mask by: Morgan Kauffman  Chapter 1  Part 1 Beginning          "This was the first time I was left alone, and the last."       The year was 1990, an old home stood at the top of a long hill at the end of a dirt road. Victoria; a five year old girl was inside; sitting in front of a television set, her eyes glued to the screen. Her long blonde hair lay straight at her back but was ruffled as she turned her head quickly to look to her mother. "I'm headed out," her mom said and she grabbed her keys, "The tv will be playing cartoons for you. Do not get up. Do not touch anything. I'll be right back!" She makes her way to Victoria; gives her a kiss goodbye and walks out the door.            "I tried so hard to sit still, the television shows were blaring, but I was not distracted by it enough to ignore the growing hunger in my stomach." Present Victoria narrates.       Young Victoria stands up from the ch

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Mannequin Mask is a story of a girl who, after in a horrific accident; seeks revenge on those who mistreat her due to her deformity.

About the Author

     My name is Morgan, I have been writing since I was about seven years of age. I wrote little stories, and by middle school wrote my first children's book. Luckily for me, my parents encouraged me to save everything I wrote via disk and print everything as well and save that in files, so I have absolutely everything I've ever written.      Besides writing, I have been an artist since the age of four, starting with drawing, and then painting, then that led to all sorts of other mediums such as sculpting, building and other works that have been kept or sold to others. I've studied the arts, graphic design and film production and directing.      This is the start of all stories to come for avid readers who are just looking for something enjoyable to capture their attention. Enjoy! All rights reserved. Copyright to Morgan Kauffman the sole author of Mannequin Mask